The Bird Market

And its daily life

A cacophony of birdsong rings out from hundreds of wire and bamboo cages strung along awnings and crisscrossing the ceilings of cramped open-air stalls at a traditional bird market, in the capital, Jakarta. Thousands of wild birds—ranging from tiny brown finches and brilliant rainbow lorikeets to small-bodied, large-eyed owls—will be sold as pets to local collectors. Most of the birds were trapped illegally.

The Bird Market

The Forestry Department conducts raids in Bird Market. In recent years, the Forestry Department has been stricter in guarding the animals being sold here. Well, I hope so... #indonesia #jakarta

"I wish I'm someone..."

The bird market daily activities... #stellerstories #stellerid #stellerindonesia

Morning Preparation

Starting the day..

Birds morning shower...

Selecting the it male or female? Hmmm...

Bird feeding

Looks yummie, right..?!

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