Backstage Pass:


Backstage is a place to get to know interesting people.

Like these guys from Blessthefall.

Toru (One OK Rock's Taka's brother) and Masato from Coldrain.

Check out this guy's tees. It's Pee Wee Gaskins' You And I Going South EP cover.


That one time where I get to choose between party & sober with NOFX

And watched them play from the side of the stage..

...with Hi-Standard's Akihiro Namba and his sons

And hung out with tipsy Fat Mike..

And tipsy Melvin.

Saw these two hung out.

And partied..

And ate the meek.

And watched Lagwagon with them.

And hung out after..

Convinced Hi-Standard I should replace Ken Yokoyama..

Joey Cape (Lagwagon).

And more parties.

And it gets more interesting..

Favorite guy from NFG. Chad Gilbert.

Mr. Müir from Suicidal Tendencies.

Fellow bassist Ian Grushka.

Descendents's Milo.



Sweaty Jack.

Offspring & Totalfat

This guy from Mayday Parade...

Check out his sandals.

And more parties..