The New York Workshop 2016

David Alan Harvey is one of the world's leading photographers. A member of the prestigious photo agency, Magnum, ex National Geographic photographer and founder of publisher Burn. Throughout his career he has always shared his experience and knowledge with others, more recently hosting a few intensive photography workshops each year. These take place in various exotic locations around the world, and sometimes from his New York loft. This Steller is the story of my week with David Alan Harvey and 11 other students from around the world who gathered in New York in June 2016

David's legendary New York workshops are based at his Williamsburg loft apartment on Kent Avenue, only a few subway stops from Manhattan. On this one week workshop I was joined by 11 other photographers who had travelled from all over the US, Canada, Berlin, Paris and Russia.

On the Sunday before the official start of the workshop, we met David and his team of 3 assistants at the loft and were shown up to his rooftop where we enjoyed a beer or two as the sun disappeared behind the Manhattan skyline Here are some photographs of my fellow students, guest speakers, mentors and friends I made that week

This shot of David Alan Harvey was made during our 'day out' in Manhattan where we met Howard Greenberg at his gallery and Kathy Ryan at the New York Times Magazine

Howard Greenberg

...although these images mostly show moments of fun during breaks, the workshop was intensive and thought provoking. Barely touching on equipment or technique, David's program inspired us to push beyond what we had done before and to see the bigger picture. Throughout the week, a strong emphasis was made towards understanding what it is we want to say with our photographs and why we do what we do. David demonstrated much of this with an open and honest look at his own career and the motivations behind the decisions he made. Another strong message I came away with was the importance of creating books which can stand as a testament to our views on the world, throwing attention on issues that matter to us and in doing so, showing others who we are and what we are all about.

3 big hearted and talented ladies, Nicol Rodriguez Chaves, Kaya Lee Berne and Gabi Perez who were assisting David this week.

Flying Kaya...

And finally some of the more purposeful photographs I made during my week in New York, often with my muse the talented actress Anna Ilina

Anna Ilina

Throughout the week we worked each day to make images which David would critique the following morning. At the end of the week he threw a large party opened by Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden who's talk was followed by the best of our images, as titled stories set to music. It was a fantastic evening which moved up to the rooftop as the party progressed.

Nb: Image supplied by student

My great thanks to David Alan Harvey for his inspirational talent, openness and mentorship and to all of the incredible guests he brought in over the week to inspire us including Ruddy Roye, Anthony Smallwood, John Mitchem and Panos Skoulidas. Not forgetting David's tireless team who made it all possible, Kaya Lee Berne, Nicol Rodriguez Chaves and Gabi Perez And lastly thanks to all the brilliant photographers who came to this workshop, a truly special bunch of people and a great pool of talent who inspired me as much as our mentors

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