Beach Story, Beaches!

When the sand and the salty water touch my skin

I love to travel. Therefore I work hard to be able to save money for fulfilling my lust of travel. Especially beaches.

Back when I was a little kid, spending time on watery places were my fave activity - besides reading. I looked forward to the time when my dad would called and asked us to joined him to clean the bathroom tub. Why? - cause I'd be able to play with water, with permission of my parents 😁 And not to mention the rain! It was and still is, my fave time! The smell the chill the water... But to play under the rain was a bit tricky when I was a kid, cause no parents would want their kids to catch a flu afterwards.

And perhaps because my mom and dad were originally an island person, so beaches and seas are two close things for them . By that I can easily say that my love for travel comes from them. My mom was a nomads from island-city to the big city, and my dad used to spent his teenage and college life conquering the mountains and seas. So yeah, it settled 😁 Please enjoy some of my photo collection of beaches I've been. Hope it trigger your interest in travel.

Underwater photo at Pahawang Island. This is one of its best spot to snorkel and of course take a pict 😘 Pahawang island, Lampung, South Sumatera, Indonesia


This is like my signature photo pose everytime I go to beach. My travel friends and my best friends are all familiar with me doing this thingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Sand Island at Belitung. Super clean, super super! Belitung, Indonesia

The super awesome PINK BEACH at Labuan Bajo. I just won't go home! Pink Beach, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia

Sometimes just in between driving distance from your hometown. This is Sumenep! Lombang Beach, Sumenep, Madura, Indonesia

It's purple! And it has Nemo!!

Get trolled by the wave at Parangtritis Beach, Jogjakarta

A Lagoon at Kiluan Bay

The water is warm and cozy. You need extra effort to get here. Climb downhill uphill through stoney areas and sharp reefs. But it was all worth the jump to the water moment!

Most recent one, again at the Dreamland, Bali

I enjoy them so much. Each beach gives special experience. It's like having all the God almighty creatures before our eyes.


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