Meet the Megaliths

Lore Lindu National Park, Central Sulawesi, comprises of almost untouched land, protected endemic animals, friendly people and mysterious megaliths. On our brief visit a few years back, we got to see the megaliths in Bada Valley with a local guide. It was an amazing experience for us.

Bada Valley

The nearest megalith from our homestay was Loga, on a hill.

This 5 ft tall guy is standing lonely, waiting for the lover who went away.

Now, now, Loga. There are many fishes in the sea, many megaliths in the valley..

The day was getting dark, we continued to see the next megalith.

Langke Bulawa, means gold leg bracelet, is a female one. Standing in a fenced barn, also looking sad like Loga. Could it be....?

The next day, we had to go through a wobbly hanging bridge to see more megaliths. Scary, but phew, we survived!

In Kolori village, Palindo was standing like the Pisa tower, in the middle of a vast field. He was holding something..

Palindo symbolized a joker that entertained the royals in the 12-14th century. But now there's almost no evidence of the kingdom. Some say, there might have been a huge earthquake that destroyed everything and the megaliths were the only survivors. But nothing is for sure.

Next, more megaliths. And more cuts on our bodies from the sharp weeds we had to go through.

We had to watch our step because Maturu was lying on the grass. Probably sleeping.

Kalamba, said to be a bath tub for the VIPs, with a separator for the mother and the baby.

The name of this one was unknown. It symbolized a princess who chose her peasant lover her royal family. A stupidity that's symbolized by the hole in the head.

I wonder why most of the stories and the look of these megaliths are so sad. Can't a stone be happy too?

Anyway. We went on and saw more megalith ruins scattered on paddy fields.

We visited a farmer's house, on whose paddy field was another megalith.

Meet Oba, the little monkey. Others said it was a small child.

Making believe it was a monkey was much more fun, though.

A mere 2-day visit sure wasn't enough. There's a lot more in Lore Lindu National Park that we could've seen. But we had to continue our trip to the other parts of Sulawesi. We're hoping to see more of it next time!

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