Slow Down (Culinary) Places

Ready to join a little slow down culinary trip?

Roma // capital of Italy // my roots and home of 2,63 Mio. People. Filled with beautiful little magic places you can getaway, relax and enjoy the Italian way of living...

Italian Street Food and Aperitivo feeling at da Simo - Pane e Vino Via di Parione 43 - 00186 Roma

The King of Pizza! Have some beer or the traditional red house wine along with your wood oven pizza and enjoy!

And definitely worth standing a little bit in line...

Pizzeria da Baffetto Via del Governo Vecchio 113 00186 Roma

Bakery Lovers Heaven Natural yeast / slow baking Panificio Bonci Via Trionfale, 36, 00195 Roma, Italien

"Supplรฌ" and Pizza heaven Pizzarium Bonci Via della Meloria 43 00136 Roma

Pick from a huge variety your slice(s) paid by weight and don't forget to try the delicious "suppli" di pasta!


Gabriele Bonci's interpretation of the classical suppli known with rice... Fried Pasta to Go!


... And then I step into this backyard and find myself in front of scenic restaurant only one street away from San Peter's Cathedral. Make sure to book your table in advance!

Icecream Lover? Must do while in Rome ... Italy's oldest Ice Cream Factory founded in 1880 "Palazzo DEL freddo alias Gelateria Fassi. Try out of 40 tasty variations and leave some room for at least one little "sanpietrino" - symbol of the eternal city in form of a mouth watering handcrafted semifreddo. A perfect stop for a refreshing, regenerating break with a very nice and shady back yard.

Rome's largest indoor food market Mercato Trionfale Open every day except Sunday's 7.00h -14.00h

Before heading to the mercato Trionfale stop here and enjoy your Italian breakfast with a huge variety of Pasticcini and fresh cornetti / croissants

Pasticceria Fiorentina 1942 // Via Andrea Doria 20-22 00192 Roma

SAID // Chocolate Heaven in Via Tiburtina 43

Experience the "keyhole view" directly on San Peters on the Aventine hill and afterwards enjoy the beautiful sunset in the deliciously smelling orange garden. Via di Sabina

Bellissima Roma! Sempre Bellissima!


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