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Carved by the Colorado River and two billion years of geological evolution, the Grand Canyon is a marvel on such an enormous scale that with one glance it can trivialise even your largest worries...

A place where the story of our planet is told with every colourful layer of calcite and limestone painted on the walls of the crevasse.

And where you can stand on the edge of the tallest fringe and still find ancient fossilised seashells embedded in the rock near your feet, relics from their journey from the farthest reaches of the sea to the Arizona peaks.

To visit the Grand Canyon is like serving up a tonic to your soul.

Watch the Full video - available here.

Photography/Videography: Dominic Loneragan Words: Meghan Loneragan IG: @citizensoftheworld #stellerverse #travel #stellerusa #usa #photography #videography #places #people #grandcanyon #landscapes #nature #goexplore #explore

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  • blue_scorpion8

    Awesome.... Beautiful places...

  • saracardi


  • ninagraceless

    Love this.

  • COTW

    @ninagraceless thank you, so kind 💞✌🏽️

  • COTW

    @saracardi thank you - it's truly something that you have to do once in your life. And it's not as hectic as Yosemite. You're free to roam without too many crowds, which is nice.

  • COTW

    @blue_scorpion8 Such an amazing place. Even editing the video we were just blown away by the colours.

  • COTW

    @ninagraceless thank you so much! 😀😀

  • coppernotes

    This is breathtaking. The combination of visuals and music is just beautiful. (Although that video on page 3 is a bit of a 😳 moment! You have a great head for heights!) Just watched the full length video and it's stunning. 🙌🏻

  • COTW

    @copperline thank you - truly so nice to receive kind works like that. We don't think we've give heights like that a go again any time soon. Xx

  • karen

    wow! this is incredible - such beautiful photos and videos! stunning

  • COTW

    @karen thank you so much! We are loving Steller so much. Nice to have a place to create a complete story rather than just spam our Insta.

  • B__xy


  • COTW

    @b__xy you're so kind. Thank you

  • metoms

    So beautiful, amazing, what a great shot

  • COTW

    @metoms thank you. It's just so awe inspiring there. You just set your camera up... And wait. X

  • mpfratesi



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