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When he gets home from school, Luca (age 6) and I draw side by side and talk about his favorite things. I usually sit on the left, and he sits on the right...telling me how to draw all of the details. Here's a glimpse of some good times we've had this year. Only 2 more days left of kindergarten!

We cranked the theme song for 'Close Encounters'. Still holds up.

A small obsession.

He even made his own costume, but 'he'd prefer real metal'.

This is Biollante. (Part of my ongoing monster education.)

Luca said we had to 'master' drawing Space Godzilla head-on.

Our little bird is growing up.

Thanks for stopping by! And have an awesome summer!

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  • aconica

    Rodan vs Godzilla !!!!

  • sunnyinpdx

    I know - hilarious! He likes the old stuff.

  • anna_budi

    Waiting for Luca's next pictures. My son is Luca's fan. He is a godzilla addict, likes dinosaurs and starwars, monsters and aliens. 😊

  • sunnyinpdx

    Thank you @anna_budi !!! That is so sweet...posting more things soon. :)

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