Paradise of Central Sulawesi

Togean Islands are an archipelago of 56 islands and islets, in the Gulf of Tomini, off the coast of Central Sulawesi, in Indonesia. The three largest islands are Batudaka, Togian, and Talatakoh. There are 37 villages on the islands. The rich diversty of marine life and astonishing coral formation in the Togean are a magnet for divers and snorkellers.

There are several professional scuba schools for training, courses and recreational dives. For truly spectacular diving, Una Una fits the bill perfectly.

The Journey

The Togean Islands are difficult to reach as bus travel takes long on Sulawesi. As there are no airports on the islands you will either have to reach the towns of Ampana or Gorontalo first, which is a challenge itself. From Ampana: The public ferries that run between Ampana to Wakai on the Togian Islands leaves every morning at 10:00, except Fridays. However, bear in mind that schedules often change due to breakdowns and weather.

But now There is also a fast boat from Ampana going to Kadidiri. From/To Gorontalo: The ferry "Tuna Tomini" runs twice a week from Gorontalo to Wakai (travel time 13hrs) and continues on to Ampana. It leaves Gorontalo every Tuesday and Friday at 20:00 o'clock, arriving in Wakai the next morning.


What a unique about Papan Island?? The island is connected with Malenge Island via a long wooden bridge, approximately 1 km long. The bridge has just been built to replace the former bridge which had already been old and broken. The main users of that bridge are Papan Island kids who go to elementary school located in Malenge Island.

The water around Papan Island is so clear even wit naked eyes we could see the beauty of sea life on it. Be careful if you want to swim and snorkel around the Papan Island because there are quite a lot of sea urchin and mambo snakes (sea snakes with black and white stripes and super sticky, living in shallow water seabed). If you want to swim safely, come to one segment of the bridge near the Malenge side where there is a wooden stairs toward a shallow water paved with white soft sand and is free from coral reefs and sea weed.

This unique objects is also perfect if you take picture from the top of the hill on the Papan island.


One of Four in The World

The most memorable experience during at Togean is swimming with jellyfish. Togean is one of four in the world that has jellyfish lake. You have to feel the sensation of swimming with stingless jellyfish.

A few rules to follow in the lake: Don’t use scuba diving gear, especially fins: jellyfish are fragile and since more and more people are going, they might be accidentally kicked by fins Don’t use sun screen: the lake is a closed environment so any foreign body could harm it and the jellyfish Don’t urinate in the lake: obviously for the same reason as above Be gentle to them: you can touch them but don’t squeeze them, and don’t take them out of the water.

Black Marlin Dive Resort

Black Marlin Dive Resort Located in the middle of the three resorts at Kadidiri Island, all rooms are right on the water with amazing sea views

Standard rooms are Rp 250,000 per person, and Deluxe rooms are Rp 300,000 per person. Has very well equipped dive center with all new equipment (30 sets) and 2 compressors and 4 speedboats. Laid back fun atmosphere with professional back up. Now has some sea kayaks for rent so can get to nearby islands to snorkel or just bit of afternoon fitness. And there are no ATMs, so bring enough cash. There are ATMs for Mastercard, VISA and Cirrus available at the mainland. Only Kadidiri and Una una have small internet connection and you could pay by credit cards (also visa electron)

The sunset in here was amazing

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