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Mie Aceh (Aceh's Noodles) originally comes from Aceh, a province in Sumatra Island, Indonesia. Mie Aceh is served with rich spices and can be combined with crabs or other seafood. Mie Aceh has it's unique color, orange-ish. Eventhough created in Aceh, there are many stalls in Medan that sell Mie Aceh with great taste. These are some of the lists and all of them are halal.

Mie Aceh Titi Bobrok, Jalan Setia Budi

Mie Aceh Husin

Jalan Setia Budi, across Medan Area University

Mie Aceh Baru, Jalan Setia Budi

Actually, you can find Mie Aceh stall in every corner of Medan. The price is started from IDR 8.000 ( US $ 1 = +/- IDR 13.500 ) depends on topping you choose. And almost of them serves Mie Aceh with great taste.

Mie Aceh Cirasa, Jalan Gatot Subroto, near the intersection of Jalan Iskandar Muda. Mie Aceh + crabs is only IDR 15.000

Mie Aceh Bang Udin, Jalan Selamat Ketaren, near State University of Medan

Mie Aceh Sate Ampera

Jalan Krakatau across graveyard

Mie Aceh Mia Cafe, Jalan A. R. Hakim near the entrance of Asia Mega Mas Housing

Mie Aceh Bang Bahagia, ex FISIP USU. Jalan Mesjid near the intersection of Jalan Perdana

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