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The visit... ( scroll down )

I visited Tricker's as part of #mystjames knowing that It was an inevitability that I would be desperate to save up for a pair of their shoes the moment I caught a whiff of one of their leather brogues. Of course that happened, but I hadn't anticipated how welcoming Eamon and Clive in the shop would be, making it almost impossible to leave. Tricker's was established in 1829 and have been making shoes in Northampton in the UK ever since. Not only is there evident pride in the shoes themselves but also in the shop which has original fittings from 1939; cupboards I can only wish I possessed to keep a vast collection of handmade customised or bespoke brogues...what can I say; I LOVED this shop and the 2 men in the shop! You can see more of Tricker's on their website

Eamon was not amused when he saw I was about to slip my shoes off without undoing the laces; he made me sit down and do things properly!

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