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The visit...

Cheesemongers Paxton and Whitfield was established in 1797 and is home to 150 artisan cheeses...two thirds of the cheeses are British, 25% are French with others from Spain, Italy, Holland, Switzerland and one from Norway. The whole shop is refrigerated at 5 degrees and although the shop has a very distinctive smell, the cheeses in there are the best!

The pork pie affair...

I chose some of the cheeses to bring home and which were all eaten pretty quickly after these photos were taken!

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  • georgianlondon

    I feel hungry just looking at this! I love their shopfront too, it's wonderful.

  • 5ftinf

    @georgianlondon the cheeses are so planning a little weekend medley for myself 😁🧀

  • guidamedlam

    I miss this shop so much. Sadly I no longer live in London but miles away in Portugal where most of the cheese tastes of nothing

  • 5ftinf

    @guidamedlam a good cheese shop is like a savoury jewel 😉🧀💎

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