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The visit...

I recently visited The London Library as part of the #mystjames project and totally fell in love... It's a completely independent lending library which runs on memberships, donations and legacies and which houses over a million books in a beautiful and extroidinary building in St James Square, London & after this trip I am determined to become a member!

The Bookstacks... ( scroll down )

The next few pages will hopefully give you a feel for the atmosphere, smell and quietude there and you'll see that I was particularly taken with 'The Bookstacks'; 17 miles of amazing shelving packed with books, and spread over 4 floors with steel flooring which form part of the structure of one of the first steel framed buildings in London, and apparently if the books were taken out the building would rise 6 inches! An extra 7 floors were built behind these Bookstacks in the 1920's with re-enforced glass floors and there are desks to work at many of the ends of rows with beautiful views onto St James's Square, as well as 6 other rooms for study which you can see here:


Soon on my blog there'll be my third and final post about my explorations of the St James area of London which I am SO pleased to have discovered and here on Steller I'm sharing more detailed views of the places I've visited which you can see with the hashtag #mystjames

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  • ilya_m

    Awesome, the library looks fantastic!

  • copperline

    I love that detail about the building would rise if all the books were removed! A quite incredible place.

  • 5ftinf

    @copperline it was completely amazing...and I loved that fact too!

  • georgianlondon

    I can't believe that such an amazing place exists in London and I'd never heard of it till now! Fantastic story and atmosphere.

  • 5ftinf

    @georgianlondon me neither...I'm desperate to become a member!

  • BDY

    Quite impressive! Too bad there isn't a "smellastella" to catch the essence.

  • charissharpe

    What a fab place to visit!

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