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10 Days of Breakfast

Over the course of ten days, I cooked ten different breakfast dishes. All was made from scratch. The yogurt and produce were bought locally with no additives or pesticides. Here's what I learned...

1) it takes time.

Like anything, good things take time. From mixing the batter to preparing the sauce and cooking time, this simple waffle took about 45 minutes.

Cornbread Waffle with Strawberry-Mint sauce and chia seeds

2) eggs are versatile

Mini Crustless Quiche

Poached egg

Omelette with scallions, green peppers, and green beans

3) presentation is key

Spending just an extra five minutes plating and garnishing can take your dish from good to gourmet.

Garnish options include extra sauce on the side, flowers, powdered sugar, herbs, fruit, or spices.

4) Fruit. Fruit. Fruit.

Plain Greek yogurt with blackberries, strawberry compote, agave nectar, and chia seeds.

Whether you have stone fruit, melon, berries, or any other type, fruit adds a natural sweetness and amps up the colour of your dish. It also doesn't do any harm providing many vital nutrients and vitamins.

Peanut butter oatmeal with blueberries, bananas, and flaxseed

5) it doesn't have to be hard

A simple assortment of bread served as a hearty meal.

"I'd rather take coffee now than compliments just now."

-Little Women

The final verdict?

I barely scratched the surface of breakfast items, (French toast, pancakes, egg bakes, quinoa, parfaits, etc.) but there is so much more to the morning meal than cereal. If you spend time each day trying something new, you will develop new ideas and flavours to add variation and turn a "boring meal" into and extraordinary meal!

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