The Faroe Islands

f/8 Photography Workshops

Our f/8 Photography Workshops trip to the Faroe Islands consisted of four teachers and eleven participants. We decided to see how many amazing locations we could take them to in a week. Let's start with some beautiful viewpoints...

We also found many cute houses and villages on our photography adventure.

To believe the coastlines, you really need to see them for yourself. In case you aren't able to, here are some photos...

In fact, it's not just the coast; all the landscapes are pretty stunning!

And if you think that's all that can look beautiful, even travelling around the islands can be awe-inspiring as well.

I hope you enjoy some of the images I took while teaching! If you want to join in our next adventure, head to and join our mailing list! Instagram: @thefella Thanks to Visit Faroe Islands, Hotel Foroyar, Make Travel and Peak Design

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