designing a character for 6-sec animation

First appearance on Vine. With this round character, much easier for dealing with distortion & proportion.

So simple, yet gives room for playing with expression.

In progress, the character became more rounded, closer to a ball shape. As the wing & feet became more simpler & smaller.

The main element is the ball shape or sphere as the body, with beak & tiny eyes act as the expression. Feet, wing & comb supports the motion.

With ball shape or sphere, easier to add movement to the character, especially for rotation.

And also lots of room for distortion with multiple personalities -- >

Persistent (1)

Persistent (2)

Attracted to foods.


Keep updated with latest trend.

Joining the internet trend.

Believe all the impossible (1)

Believe all the impossible (2)


Taking risk.

Being part in a special event (1)

Being part in a special event (2)


Creating its own reality.

The Kluk reality.

Shaking in Harlem Shake

The Kluk appearance in commercial Vine

National Cable & Telecommunications Association

Apple Music

Somehow, by doing simple things, less complicated technique: - gives room for experiments, experiences, observations & productivities - makes the ideas more executable. Storytelling, matters most. All the videos posted on my Vine. twitter/instagram/steller @pinot #stellerid #tutorial #animation #pinotvine

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