Katamama Hotel

Bali - Indonesia

Of course everyone heard so much about Bali nature's beauty, featured a lot of everywhere, also in Steller. This time I will not mention about Bali nature's beauty, but apprise about one of the new boutique hotel in Bali > Katamama Hotel.

Owned by a friend of mine, a man with a delicate taste, always great selection of finding things. And I believe this pad wouldn't be this great, although the architect is the top-notch-architect, the touch of owner is still make certain.

Katamama hotel is composed by 58 rooms. The smallest room plus the balcony is around 80m2 wide which is quite spacious. With tropical modern design, dominated by wood elements and brick. A lot of bricks! Said it costs more than 1.2 milion bricks on this building.

The architect is a well-known man in the field in Indonesian, Andra Matin, or famously known as Aang. The tropical mood is quite strong here, well while I knew is, Aang really into Japanese simple and modern architecture.

All furnished mostly in Indonesian Teak wood and Rattan with Scandinavian style, Aztec style rugs, and all the details are great. Using terasso, local source but pretty good material for flooring and walls in bathroom, arrange in mozaic of great colours and well done finishing.

So, if you love partying or hangout by the seaside of sunsets, this hotel is a perfect choice, because located in the same area with Potato Head Beach Club.

So, if you are looking for a place to stay in Bali, Katamama can be a good reference. PS : It's not soft - selling Journal. We didn't stay here on compliment hahaha 😁😁. PEACE! Thanks For Reading!

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