Its a typical day at the beach side basketball court. Blue is easily raining down threes like no ones business.

But, it seems the crowd are more interested in their own affairs. Than to watch in the awesomeness of Blue's threes.

Blue dribbles the ball and ponders, "What can I do to get this crowd riled up?!"

"THAT'S IT!" Blue says to himself as he rushes the end of the court.

Blue flips through the air multiple times as he slams the ball through the hoop. "BOOMSHAKALAKA!"

The crowd erupts into cheers! Giving Blue a perfect 10 score!

What's the deal with these guys looking like phones? And, what the heck does "BOOMSHAKALAKA" mean? Find out next time, on the same Boomshakalaka time, same Boomshakalaka channel!

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