Via Ferrata Climb

With Skywalker

I always like to try new things, but sometimes I think I bite more than I chew. That weekend, a few friends and I decided to try a form of wall climbing. Skywalker Via Ferrata is a company introducing rock climbing to a wider audience. It's located on the foot of Parang Mountain; known as the practice mountain for rock climbers.

Can you see the people climbing?

Via Ferrata means climbing following an iron wire. During the climb, you always have to be attached to the wire by safety gears. Some via ferrata routes in the world solely depend on the wire, but Skywalker adds footings to help people climb. It especially helps climbing debuts, like myself, to get up. It was a challenge, for this city kid. The rock was intimidating.

Once on top, it's a sight for sore eyes. This is at 300 m above the surface; at the moment available for overnight camping trips.

For me, getting down was harder than getting up.

It's really scary at some points.

We actually needed a sugar shot coming down the mountain.

There are stops and surprises along the way. Aside to the adrenaline pumps, you are also entertained by the view and gimmicks.

The portaledge is one of those nice surprises.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to new interesting ones.

Maybe I'll do this again.

It was an experience to remember. Afterwards, I had a sore body for a week. Even sitting on the toilet was a struggle. But pass the pain, I'm curious to do it again. So maybe, I just bit enough to chew. I now have bigger empathy for rock climbers. It's no easy sport for sure!

You can check out the Instagram that got me hooked: @Skywalker_ViaFerrata. Or on our account: @indohoy. #StellerID