The Historic Capital of Fiji (Unesco World Heritage)

Levuka is a town on the eastern coast of the Fijian island of Ovalau, in Lomaiviti Province, in the Eastern Division of Fiji. It was formerly the Capital of Fiji. Levuka town had a population of 1,131. Levuka and the island of Ovalau had been seeking recognition from UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for decades, finally being designated in June 2013.

From Suva, the Capital of Fiji, take a bus/ferry combination with Patterson Brothers and see a lot of typical Fijian country side; make contact with other passengers having a coffee and cake on the very comfortable vessel "Spirit of Harmony". Mo-Sat. at 1pm Suva or 3-4pm Natovi. From Levuka at 4.30 am. The rate is F$ 40 per person (one way). It takes 4-5 hours from Suva to Levuka.

Levuka's Royal Hotel is the oldest hotel in the South Pacific still operating. Historians have not ascertained its exact age, but records show that it was in existence by the early 1860s. The hotel has 14 rooms in the main structure, each with two single beds, a shower stall, and toilet. There are also four modern cottages built in 1998, which have modern amenities. Three meals per day are served in the dining room for guests only if you book in advance. Prices are F$ 53 double; F$70-F$95 cottage.

New Mavida Brand new on the scene is the New Mavida which is on the site of what was the old Mavida Guest house, a past favorite of old Levuka hands. The New Mavida has a look reminiscent of the colonial architecture that characterizes the old capital. Situated a short distance away from the War Memorial. New Mavida has been completed and the hotel has opened in July 2006. 12 rooms with own facilities, fridge, coffee making, air condition, SAT TV and own balcony.  Rates from F$ 80. 6 beds in Dormitory at F$ 35.

New Mavida Lodge

Whales Tale Restaurant Located right on Beach Street in "downtown" Levuka, the Whales Tale offers European and Fijian cuisine in a casual sea faring environment. Today owned and run by Levuka born Helen who has been working in the whales tale since its beginning when Australian mother and daughter team of Julia and Liza Dietrich had the idea to start the restaurant.

Laksa Soup available

Sacred Heart Church was built in 1858 by the Marist Fathers

The modern town of Levuka was founded around 1820 by European settlers and traders as the first modern town in the Fiji Islands. A disparate band of settlers made up Levuka's population - traders, missionaries, shipwrights, speculators, and vagabonds, as well as respectable businessmen. By 1870, the town had a population of more than 800. When the first modern nation state of Fiji was founded in 1871, Seru Epenisa Cakobau was crowned King at Levuka. After Fiji was annexed as a British colony in 1874, Levuka remained the capital until 1877.

Town Hall was built in 1898 in honour of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee

Levuka Public School, opened in 1879, was the first public school in Fiji

Marist Convent School Est. 1862

The Ovalau Club, one of the oldest social organizations in the Pacific,

Navoka Methodist Church Est. 1862

199 steps of Mission Hills are worth climbing for fantastic view

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