pat brown


Saks Christmas Windows New York City 2015

(c) 2016 Pat Brown, Austin, Texas. All rights reserved.

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  • iPhoneArtGirl

    Pat, this seems like the most perfect way to share these images. One by one, they're interesting but not particularly remarkable. Together they tell a story about what SAX is promoting for consumption… dear God! Please tell me what this has to do with Christmas 💅🏻

  • deepsilver

    Meri, you are so good to provide thoughtful comments. (My goal is to emulate you in this regard, but clearly I don' do so!) That was my feeling, that these images were stronger as a group, and in b&w. Nothing Christmassy about it, I guess just the excuse to have opulent windows. They were quite exotic.

  • Leontine

    Your B/W make a special Christmas's time! Awesome! ❤️


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