My Lazyday

Eat.. Eat.. And EAT

Actually i have agenda today Attending party of anniversary NET 3.0 but no body else want to go I can't go alone So? This is my lazyday Fully at home... And you know what i did?


With Spicy Salsa Spinach & Tuna

Yap! I made this tortilla with filling spicy salsa spinach & tuna I made it yesterday and it's better working.. More delicious! I love tuna!

Based on my tortilla i made this crispy tortilla, i was fried it more crunchy and crispy Mix with chilli powder 'Boncabe' And it was 'Endeeess'

Then, i was made apple sauce caramel for Maryam bread Simple! I just needed apple, juice of lemon,sugar,cinnamon powder and water mix it all and boiled Made it for Maryam bread Topping.. Delicioso! 😍

"Lazyday today make me much learn what i feel that i am free while i can't do something i can do some else"

Moulee Dhiya

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