After one busy night in Vegas we hit the road to Zion!

Framed by the mountains with a beautiful scenary Zion NP is definitely worth a visit! Troughout the early evening hours we drove the way up to Bryce Canyon to experience the first bemes of light over the impressive Hodoos

Entering the road to Arches!

With the many arches variering from small holes in the rock to thin, huge and impressive arches that could collapse every second it is a spectecular landscape

Placed nearby Arches Canyonlands is also an incredible place not to forget about!

Waking up before sunrise to see the sun climbing up and lighting up the well-known Mesa Arch with the first light of the day was one of the most magical moment I've ever experienced so far even though it was pretty crowdy and early!

Driving past the Monument Valley further south to explormore incredible nature

Antelope Canyon with the stunning rockformations and lightbeams took with all of its beauty my breathe away and just left me flashed!

Grand Canyon also left me absolutely amazed! To see what nature is just capable to do is very special!

Road through the desert of Nevada to Death Valley

Ending this awesome and inspiring trip on the west coast with a new perspective of how unique and incredible our world and nature just can be! We defintily need to do all that's possible to protect this world who isn't ours but also the ones of the humans coming after us! We only have this one damn earth to live on!

Thanks a lot for making it this far and following me around this journey! Also I do have an Instagram account so if being interested in seeing more actuel travel stuff etc it's definitely a good option! It is @johannah.h #stellerstories #stellerusa #roadtrip #southwest# nationalparks# stellertravel #usa

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