Raspberry Lime Infused Coconut Water

summer drink recipe

Unofficial start of summer is here in NYC! It's getting warmer everyday! Temperatures to hit 80°F-90°F by the end of May. It's time of the year when we can start wearing t-shirt, shorts, sandals. Yes, I'm tired of wearing boots and layers of clothes. And 5 things I love most about summer : sunshine, blue sky, vacation, BBQ picnic and cold drinks!

When the weather is so hot & humid, it's important to stay hydrated. Well pure water is always best, sometimes our kids want a little flavor & color in their refreshment. Here's our family favorite summer drink recipe.

Raspberry Lime Infused Coconut Water Ingredients : 1 cup Fresh raspberries 2 Limes, thinly sliced 1 litre Cold coconut water Ice Directions : Combine all together in a large pitcher and allow to sit one hour or longer. Serve cool.

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