Circeo National Park

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The National Park of Circeo is an Italian national park founded in 1934. It occupies a strip of coastal land from Anzio to Terracina, including also a sector of forest in the mainland of San Felice Circeo, and the island of Zannone.

The park can be divided into five main habitats: the forest area, the promontory, the littoral dune, the humid area and the island of Zannone.

One of the best places to stay in Italy. Wonderful beaches, lakes, mountains, islands and dunas...

"Her wand and drove them into her pig pens, and they took on the look of pigs, with the heads and voices and bristles of pigs, but the minds within them stayed as they had been before."

The Odyssey by Homer

It's perfect if you love wild nature and a calm place to stay.

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