Lucy + Clod

The making of a journal for a stranger...

I made this journal for Edward Carey, writer of the The Iremonger Trilogy and a complete stranger to me.

I hand tear Strathmore drawing paper to get a deckled edge, then stack the pages together, measure the stitch holes and saw.

After stitching the book together, I round the spine in the press using a hammer, wheat paste and a butter knife.

I then attach the boards with wheat paste and fray the chord on the inside.

Here, with the assistance of my brother-in-law Oliver, is the Testing of Clod with Emmett. (Clod is the fellow perched upon the wood, and Emmett, the laser engraver who put him there.)

We tried Lucy on some leather.

I searched for silk thread that corresponded with each of the three book colours for the headband.

I use an antique Kodak case for the cover and vintage fabric from a 1940s dress that I found at an abandoned house and wore for years before The Cutting.

I lay out the materials and make final decisions.

And now I want it.

"Benedict, I think I've found you." "Lucy Pennant, I'm lost."

Edward Carey

For more details of the bookbinding process, check out my other stories in the Journal section of my Steller Account. Peg and Awl IG @pegandawl ( #fanmail ) #bookbinding #books #journal

  • archaeolinguist

    Love it! Already downloaded the first one and ordered the books! They're next up after Octavian Nothing!

  • pegandawl

    YAYAYAY!!!! How do you get to listen and read so much! #bookenvy

  • archaeolinguist

    I mostly listen. I have a 30 minute commute to one job and 40-45 to the other. I also spend about 6-8 hours a week mowing various spots on our land. I listen when I run, work out, take a bath, and settle in to bed at night. But I often take breaks from my audiobooks after so many in a row and switch to music. As for reading, that is mostly done during breaks at work. Or when I can't sleep.