Post-it Wars

Canal Street, NYC

Two weeks after the Canal Street #postitwars began with a single word "HI", one of the main agencies involved: Havas Worldwide, @Havas has shut things down in style with a giant image of a mic drop created with Post-it notes. At its peak a full blown Post-it art war had erupted on Canal Street in New York City. A number of agencies participated including Havas Worldwide, Horizon Media, Cake Group, etc.

This afternoon I journeyed down to the center of the battlefield to see the creativity first hand. For me it's a BDFM from 47th to West 4th, then an ACE to Canal Street.

The Battlefield

Located at the Manhattan entrance of the Holland Tunnel several building facades have been dragged in to battle.

Havas has a natural advantage in this war. First there is the talent pool: see @Havas @Jasonmpeterson #havasnewblood. Second, The Havas New York Village has the whole facade of a massive building at 200 Hudson Street. They have the ability to create a massive installation which they used flawlessly in the war ending Mic Drop.

watch the process in time-lapse video