A new style of fruitdoodles

Recently I've been experimenting with not just doodling on bananas but also painting them. A collection of what I made so far. iSteef

Game of Thrones theme first. Added just a little red paint here for our nothing knowing hero Jon Snow.

The banana of faces. Used a lot more paint here.

The Night King

Rest in Purple - Prince -

For Mothersday

Our National Holiday

David the Gnome From Rien Poortvliet's 'Gnomes'


The actor Ryan Reynolds who played Deadpool even liked it himself, like literally! And this is now my most liked post on Instagram EVER!! :)

Mermaid for #mermay

Mermaid II

Mermaid III

The new Instagram logo: What really happened .

Composition II in Red, Blue, Banana and Yellow #Mondrian. Start of a new series of #bananaart I think, :)

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