beaches & the sea

why we love

Living in Indonesia means we are spoiled with many beaches and all of its wonders. From the colors of the water to the activities people do around them. From the underwater scene to the extreme terrains.

From sunrise in Seraya Island..

..or that in Batukaras,..

..until sunset in Samalona Island.

We're never tired of the changing colors. Like the lively turquoise in Togian Islands,..

..the wise deep blue in Komodo Islands,..

..and the pinkish sand of Pink Beach, Komodo Islands.

The sea can get rough like the Water Blow in Nusa Dua,..

..or in Madasari, Pangandaran,..

..but it can also be calm, a perfect foreground to see Mt. Agung from Gili Gede,..

..and a lovely setting for dining like Sire Beach in Lombok.

From dawn til night, beaches and the sea can be rich with activities.

Fishermen are out to catch some fishes in Madasari.

Often you are welcome to enjoy the catch, for dinner. Like that one time in Kiluan, Lampung,..

..after we went to see the dolphins in the ocean.

You can also relax. This kind of facility is abundant at Seminyak .

Or hammocking like that time in Kadidiri Island.

Beaches and the sea give livelihood for some.

They give joy to many.

Doesn't matter how tough the terrain is,..

..people find ways to get to the beach..

..and enhance the beauty and experience.

So. What do you love about beaches and the sea?

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