So last weekend me and @AdelaSmialy headed down to London to see @DevTrammel. Perfect chance to restock the camera roll, but first breakfast...

The Breakfast Club was awesome, we had to queue for 20 minutes but it was well worth it, I had a breakfast burrito and it was fiiiiiine.

This is some guy... He isn't heading to the boat we are going to!

So we got on this boat that was heading down the Thames river, it started real good, it lasted too long. I captured all of this in the first 30 minutes of the journey, there was another 2h, 30m of nothing. The boat went too far so for the vast majority of the time it was just river side apartments which didn't make cool photographs.

Even Ada took photos ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

She was that bored she tried to get drunk...

But I did get a time lapse I'm quiet happy with, it doesn't beat my Barcelona sunset time lapse but it's close.

We got off the boat and headed to St. Paul's cathedral, well, opposite that. There is a building that has an awesome view but I wasn't allowed to film the view, I wasn't allowed to rest my iPhone on their property, I was super annoyed because I thought it was petty and had to leave.

So it's the next day, we went to an RAF base which was surreal, like being in America in England. They had a supermarket, all American food... I spent way too much money! So after that we headed back into London before catching the train home, we stopped off at the Sky Gardens for those views.

Now this is the perfect place for time lapse. It was super grey and dull but enough in the sky to make a sweet video. Later on the train we had the best sunset and I was so bummed out it wasn't when I was at the sky garden because that would of been so good.

Baring in mind I only takes photos and videos on my iPhone, I'm always surprised at the video quality. I shot one side of the view and then the other overlooking the Shard.

So that was my weekend. Have an Steller week everyone... ๐Ÿ™ˆ

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