Teddy Bears

The West Lancashire Light Railway

Our Teddy Bears' Day is always a popular event, especially with the children. Special trains take visitors deep into the woods, to see what they can find...

The day starts with some shunting

The engine shed is emptied

Chopping kindling for the firebox

This is where it goes

Polishing the brass work

The chuck wagon is fired up

Precision positioning!

Putting up the bouncy castle

Erecting the coconut shy

The train starts to fill up

Our bears come out of hiding

Who's a cute teddy then?

The guard's dog looks a bit lonely

All change at Delph

Coupling up for the return trip

Coming back from Delph

Live steam in the loco shed

Young and old modellers

A good time is had by all

No special event day would be complete without a traction engine

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