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I bought a Greek oregano plant earlier this spring and promptly proceeded to put it in a frostproof pot. Our spring in the Pacific Northwest has been unbelievably warm providing ample sun to give my veggies and herbs a big boost in growth. Why let all of that goodness go to waste when I can harvest the excess herbs I can't use in my day-to-day cooking into dried herbs for later this fall...or even winter? So, in short, it's time to dry some Greek oregano! It couldn't be simpler, just watch and see...

Simply cut stalks off near the bottom of the plant leaving a few leaves for regrowth.

Once you have cut off an ample amount of stalks, strip off the bottom leaves on the cut stalks. Shake and inspect the stems for any damaged leaves or stowaway bugs. At that point cut a small length of twine and tie tightly around bunches of about 4 to 6 stems. Then simply hang your bunches in an area with good airflow and not too much natural light. Once in a while turn and inspect your bunch to be sure there is no rotting....only drying occurring. Once completely dry, chop up the herb into the desired size & store in an air tight container in a dark area for future use.


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