Cherry Blossoms South Korea 2016

After all these times, I finally managed myself to step my foot in Korea!!! It's like a dream come true. And I have to say..... I love Korea so much! I promise I'll be back one day :)

can never get enough of those pretty pinks

Having a trip with your best friends?


standing in the middle of the road to take pic with those cherry blossoms :)

Mt. Sorak

It was 10°C and I was freezing because the wind was friggin' crazy. But who cares, rite? Gotta took some good shots!

The N Seoul Tower (or as you know.... The Namsan Tower!)

The famous love locks!

No boyfie? Chill, I got my bestfriend! ❤️

• Majestic •

To be able to finally made it here, overseeing the city of Seoul from the top, I am so proud of what myself can achieve :')

Gangnam District; the area where I stayed




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