The Umbrella Rock

Lombok, Indonesia

Lombok Island is not only famaous with Senggigi beach, there is a Beach which called Batu Payung beach (Batu Payung meaning Umbrella Rock). The beach is located in Pujut district in southern part of central Lombok regency, Batu Payung beach is unique and different beaches from the beach in general, one of which led this beach become unique cause of the beach is not have a stretch of black and white sand along the beach, there are only -stretch of stone in the shoreline, hand side of the -beach there are only large rocks , one of which is a large rock shaped like an umbrella.

Batu Payung (The Umbrella Rock) at night...

Waiting for sunrise moment

The Icon

Umbrella Rocks

Views of the surounding hills

Back home...

After about 6 hours we spend at Batu Payung/The Umbrella 9.00 a.m, we return to the base. And on our way back, we met a very friendly locals people at the village nearby.

The daily life of the local community

Kids playing happily and so we are, finally...

Thank you my friends...

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Batu Payung, Lombok Indonesia 10th April, 2015 @ariamphibia @enand @Jose_Hamra @raungbinaia @manke666

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