10 Volcanoes in Indonesia to Hike Before You Die

Although boasting 17,000 islands, Indonesia may come to mind with lots of islands and beaches and sea, but you be surprise that it has just as much volcanoes. Being an archipelago that is situated on the confluence of the tectonic plates – Asian, Australian, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, it has as many as 129 volcanoes making it the country with 13% of the world’s volcanoes.

The volcanoes, some active and some very active, provides a naturally stunning scenery unlike any other. Some of the mountains are situated within a large volcanic lake or some with craters that spurts blue fire.

So..let's begin our journey from the most populated island of Indonesia. JAVA

10. Mt Bromo Mount Bromo, at 2329 m, is one of the most iconic mountain in Indonesia. It is one of the most active volcanoes of the world and one of the frequent visited ones.

9. Mt Ijen Yes, that's the crater, and yes, that's blue. Inside the crater you will see a magnificent turquoise sulphur lake that exudes blue fire at night. It has world's largest acidic lake

8. Mt Semeru It is the tallest mountain in Java. Known as Mahameru which means The Great Mountain, deriving from the mystical Hindu-Buddhist mountain of Meru and Sumeru the gods.

7. Mt Merapi It is an active stratovolcano located on the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It is the most active volcano in Indonesia and has erupted regularly since 1548

To the west of Java, we go to SUMATERA

6. Mt Krakatau It is a situated in the Sunda Straits between Java and Sumatra of Indonesia. The eruption of in 1883 had been noted as one of the most violent volcanic events ever recorded.

5. Mt Kerinci It is the highest volcano in Indonesia and the highest peak in Sumatra. It is the home to the endangered species – Sumatran Tiger and Sumatran Rhinoceros

Going east, we go to the island of BALI

4. Mt Agung Standing tall at 3142 m, it holds a spiritual significance to the Balinese. Legend has it that it is created by the Hindu God when he split the Mount Meru which is the axis of the universe

3. Mt Batur The climb and the view of the landscape and Lake Batur is all worth it in the end.

Going further east, another dream island of LOMBOK

2. Mt Rinjani It is the second highest volcano in Indonesia at 3726 m. It is also among one of the most active volcanoes here. It ha a caldera of 50 km square with a crater lake in it called Segara Anak

Further east, to the lesser-known paradise island of FLORES

1. Mt. Kelimutu It is home to the famous tri-colored lakes. The lakes are in hues of blue, green and red due to its volcanic substances and it changes colors depending on season