A Utah Experience

Recently we visited dear family friends living in remote southern Utah. (Notice the dinosaur foot print on the right? Found deep within a coal mine,)

Our friends have lived in this home, full time, for over 30 years. Off the grid, their home is utilities self sufficient; equipped with a well for water and solar panels for electricity.

Solar Panels draw power from the sun high above the house...

charging batteries down below, behind the house.

A network of tunnels behind the house wick moisture away from their house, draining water into a storage tank used to water their orchard.

Our friends not only enjoy their unique life but love this area of Utah they call home. We went on an adventure with them, around this unique area of Utah. Places not known to the general public. Many sites we visited remain a secret.

Ok, swipe back. An Anasazi Grain Storage site built on fallen boulders wedged within these canyon walls. After hundreds of years, this dwelling is solid and structurally sound and void of vandalism.

We visited Anasazi ruins so well preserved, painting and drawings were still visible on dwelling walls.

See the "Target"?

Do you see the foot holds carved into the cliff wall?

We visited Moki Dugway Do you see Monument Valley in the distance?

Living legend -Phil and his dog Calie

We visited petroglyphs rarely seen. This is rock art depicts conception, birth, and life. Is that a comet or shooting star?

We visited Monument Valley from afar.

In a day where our National Parks experience record breaking visitation it's refreshing to explore outside National Parks and self discover.

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  • kellym

    Great story, but I'm dying to see the inside of the house.

  • iloveutah

    @kellym it's a pretty amazing house Kelly. Three bedroom two bathroom, kitchen, livingroom, and laundry room. All the modern conveniences. Inside you'd think you were in a traditional house.

  • Duke


  • iloveutah

    @Duke thanks man!

  • desianwar

    Amazing! I wanna visit!

  • B__xy

    Great one - inspires me for new trips! 👌🏼

  • chizlev


  • irockutah


  • berylann

    Beautiful story and photos. How thrilling to see those "secret" places!

  • berylann

    Oh yeah! And that home! Un-freaking believable.

  • picciniluciano

    Thank You for the journey.


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