Bandungan Traditional Market

A Weekend Visit

Yesterday, I went to Bandungan. If you think BANDUNGAN is the same as BANDUNG, you're wrong. Bandungan is a tourism spot that is quite popular. It is located in Semarang Regency, Central Java.

It is my first time to go to Bandungan traditional market. It is quite pleasing.

Wanna have some culinary tour? Come at night. In the noon, some of the stall are still closed

There are so many stalls all along the way selling food, veggies, anf many more

Gorengan. Indonesian signature street food :)

Inside the market, it's very dark

I am very pleased when I found the most tremendous section there: FLOWER MARKETS!

This was very exciting when I heard a buyer bargaining a flower sold IDR 5K with the seller familiarly in Javanese. It feels like home. The people there are also super kind to the visitors.

We call them bendi, delman, or dokar. So many terms haha

That was all my trip in the Bandungan market. Have you ever gone there ?

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