Palutang Island, Pangkep

Makasar, Indonesia 21 April 2016

This is my documentary journey diary. We were going to capture a junior high school building that located beside the sea in the Palutang Island, Pangkep, Makasar, Indonesia Before this junior high school were established, there is only an elementary school in this island. The impact was early marriage because after graduate from elementary school, they will get married. They can't go to the junior high school because the cost and they must crossing the island. Their parent job mostly is fisherman. All picture taken by Iphone 5s. Follow my IG : jendralgatotsubroto Facebook : Yohanes Jendral Gatot Subroto Filmmaker, writer, traveller #travel #travelling #visitindonesia #travelphotography #wanderlust #stellarid #journey #adventure #photography #iphone5s #iphoneography

Some of them can made their own wooden ship by traditional ways and tools


Your Origin

This is a local hair cutter that i met before leave Makasar and went to Palutang Island

One kind of their house, colourfull and have a high level to avoid if the sea level was going up

Their houses were near from each other and so colourfull

This kid teach me how to take a bath by using the well

See u in here

Palutang Island, Pangkep, Indonesia, 2016

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