Halal Breakfast

in Medan, North Sumatera

Medan, the 4th largest city in Indonesia, the capital city of North Sumatera province, has so many and various culinaries. These following pictures are some must-eat halal breakfast if you visit this city.


Soto is a traditional Indonesia soup consists of broth and meat. Soto Medan uses coconut milk to maintain its thickness, tumeric to create yellowish accent in its broth, and a lot of spices as well. Chicken, shrimp, beef, innards are choices are put inside the broth. Meat pieces were fried before being served or mixed inside the soto. Soto Medan is served with rice, potato croqutte, and sambal.

RM Sinar Pagi | Jalan Sei Deli | IDR 25.000

Soto Kesawan | Jalan Ahmad Yani IDR 25.000

Soto H. Anwar Sulaiman | Jalan Brigjend Katamso, across the office of Sinar Indonesia Baru daily newspaper | Started from IDR 20.000

Soto Nanda | Jalan Sei Belutu Rp 15.000

[ LONTONG MEDAN ] Rice cake mixed with a lot components such as sayur lodeh (vegetables in coconut milk), spicy tauco (paste made from fermented soybeans) with shrimp and tofu, anchovy and tempe sambal, cassava crispy chips, fried vermicelli, rendang, serundeng (spicy fried coconut flakes made from sauteing grated coconut), etc.

Lontong Gang Bu Kasmini

Jalan dr. Mansur beside Bens Bistro, started from IDR 9.000

Lontong Ali | Sukaramai Traditional Market | Jalan AR. Hakim near entrance of Asia Mega Mas Housing | Started from IDR 7.000

Lontong Kak Umi

Jalan Karya Wisata, Johor Started from IDR 7.000

Lontong Kak Lin | Jalan T. Cik Ditiro across SMA 1 | Started from IDR 9.000

Lontong Bang Iwan | Jalan T. Cik Ditiro Started from IDR 9.000

Lontong Warintek | Jalan dr. Mansur Started from IDR 9.000

[ NASI GURIH ] Nasi gurih is an Indonesian style steamed rice cooked in coconut milk. Nasi gurih is served with anchovy and peanuts sambal, fried vermicelli, eggs, fried beef, vegetables broth, chips, etc.

Nasi Uduk Tenda Biru

Jalan Yos Sudarso Started from IDR 9.000

Nasi Gurih Tom & Jerry | Jalan Surabaya | Started from IDR 9.000

Nasi Gurih Pajak Beruang Sukaramai Traditional Market Jalan A. R. Hakim | Started from IDR 9.000

Nasi Uduk, in front of Kedai Kopi Apek Jalan Perdana | Started from IDR 9.000

Nasi Gurih | Jalan Asia intersect with Jalan Sun Yat Sen | Started from IDR 9.000


Mie balap literally means "racing noodles". The chef cooks noodles in such a hurry, just like in a race. So, that's why people call it that way.

Mie Balap | Jalan Wahidin intersects with Jalan Gajah Started from IDR 5.000

Mie Balap Seafood Anak Medan Jalan Karya | Started from IDR 5.000

Mie Balap | Jalan Krakatau Started from IDR 5.000

Mie Balap UBB (Udang Besar-Besar) Jalan Mandala By Pass | Started from IDR 5.000

All of the pictures were taken by @makanhalalmedan. $ 1 = IDR 13.600 (20 May 2016) #makanhalalmedan #Medan #Stellerid #halal #food #foodie #stellerverse #delicious #steller

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