Some kind of privacy

★★★ Inside, in the streets... Something of your humanity Caught my attention Somehow This is about you People ★★★

★ Holding on to tiny things Hoping dreams come true In a cruel normative society The little lady smashed By big authorities Still enlightened By some Music

★ Woman condition as it is Trampled on, scarred From the violent Husbands To the Condescending Paternalistic ways You are confronted to Like a daily routine Let's spit on it Constantly

★ Opening a window To your inner world Charming presence Exhaling intelligence I could only draw And fix you Here

★ Dark nights Because of dark knight Will we ever be living Happily and in peace Mindfully saving our Planet Rather than our Egos

★ Processing Computer based Life and exchanges Too much of it Kills the real Senses of Human Soul

★ Mirror Of my soul Tell me if I was Just shot by This Lady Now

★ Maybe We could Discuss this over Or just let it all Fade away As time Flies

★ Lost In the see Lovebirds happy Little did you know About the camera In your back

★ Water flowing You escaped into A little corner of your Own Away from the city Everyday noises The fakeness Out

★ From darkness to Light Evolving Walking Trying to breathe fully Trying to move steadily To THE next Step