Indonesia Water Motion Style

Seascape part #1

Due to the large number of islands, Indonesia has about 54,720 km (about 34,000 mi) of coastline, much more than most countries. It means so many beaches could be the potential seascape photography spots. But, this time I will show you some of my seascape pictures from different beaches around Indonesia which I've recorded into my camera with Water Motion photography style..Check this out... 〰〰〰

Water Motion Style

To take a picture with Water Motion style, set the exposure time or shutter speed of your camera between 1/20" - 2" depends on the strength of the waves and what kind of pictures that you want.

But, you have to use some filters to reduce your time exposure/speed of your camera and tripod also..

Pay attention to the direction of the waves

My view, Water Motion gives us a dramatic impression or even a soul into our seascape pictures

Besides reduces exposure time/shutter speed, with Neutral Density and Gradual Neutral Density Filter, it should add more colour into your pictures. As long as the filters not produce colour cast problem.

Wet party time

I use "Haida Filter System" for my seascape pictures...

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