last year, i tied a piece of string around my wrist to remind me of a goal i had set.

it was a reminder to be unforgiving in my pursuit of what sets my soul on fire. the goal was to take risks. make change.

it was a great plan. but a year had gone by and i had only made small steps. i realized that...

... it wasn't about the string.

the string had become a crutch. it was telling me that change would eventually come in the future, when it *really* should've been reminding me that change requires action, and that you don't sit around and wait for it. so i cut it off.

it was freeing.

it re-energized me to take action.

the only reminder i have now is that nothing stands between me and my will to take action.

my journey now takes a turn towards reaching that goal. #stellerjourney #stellerchicago