What You See is What I Eat


Yeah, I'm one of those people at the dining table which some might find annoying. While others begin by folding their hands, thanking the Lord for the food on the table.. I take out my cellphone camera and start clicking away..

Anytime.. Anywhere..

..from one of those fancy restaurant..

..to the simple road side food stall !

What do you do when you see a food in front of you? I would try to satisfy my curiosity by going as close as possible that I can see every single details and perhaps smell the aroma..

Look at the details of this "Lontong Sayur" or rice cake served with coconut milk soup, beansprout, eggplant, crackers and chili condiment..

..or the beautiful mixture of colors in this simple dish of steamed brown rice with sauteed papaya leave, and fried tempe with sweet soy sauce..

..or smell the aroma of this fried rice with raw "petai" or stinky beans. Can you? :)

When it comes to food, texture and taste is everything and I try to reflect it in my photos. Often I don't even bother plating or garnishing.. I shot this yellow rice with potato fritters and rice vermicelli during a quick lunch while rushing for my flight. What a mess :)

..or this almost empty glass of ginger coffee I took while waiting for my car repair :)

Well, this is my way of appreciating the food I eat. By documenting them as it is, or as I would say . . .

What You See is What I Eat


Visit my #Foodtography works at: http://eyeem.com/suarane Thank you! Rane, May 2016

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