I’ll be honest with you, this list of the best place to visit in Indonesia before you die, is a total joke. Really, it is. It’s a measly and tiny example of what you can experience in incredible Indonesia, but don’t blame me! With over 17,000 islands in the archipelago, what do you expect? As much as I would love to dedicate my entire life to studying and revealing all that is Indonesia, I think I would need several lifetimes. So what’s a writer to do? Where do I even begin?

Indonesia is so difficult to sum up. Its diversity, history, culture and beauty makes it really difficult to find words to encompass the vast country in a concise way, but really, that’s all part of the appeal, right? So, let's begin

8. YOGYAKARTA This is one of the cultural hubs of the country. The two of the most magnificent temples of the country and in Buddhism and Hinduism are located here. Prambanan and Borobudur

7. BROMO, EAST JAVA This volcanic archipelago boasts many volcanoes, but for some reason, Bromo steals the show. Well, I guess we do know the reason, the vistas are truly spectacular. Trust me on this

6. LAKE TOBA, NORTH SUMATERA This the largest volcanic lake on the planet, it’s twice the size of Singapore! In this lake you will find 5 small islands where many choose to stay on

5. TANJUNG PUTING NATIONAL PARK, CENTRAL KALIMANTAN Grab yourself a boat and cruise down the river to get some incredible views of wildlife like crocodiles, pythons, gibbons,sun bear and orangutans.

4. BALIEM VALLEY, PAPUA Into anthropology? The Papua region will bring you authentic tribes carrying out rituals and ceremonies from ancient times,surrounded by a gorgeous mountains scene

3. KOMODO ISLAND Don’t get too close! This is one serious animal. They are killers, literally.If you’re the adventurous type and want to see one for yourself, this is one of the only spots in the world

2. RAJA AMPAT, WEST PAPUA The most incredible marine life awaits you here at the depths of the sea. More than half of the world’s coral species live here and the fish and critters that scurry about are simply beautiful.

1. UBUD, BALI What’s better than hanging out at the cultural heart of Bali, on one of the most desired islands in the world? Not much.

Dance and music are prevalent and events are being held all the time, the shopping is some of the best in the country, whether you want awesome deals of local goods or fancy boutique shops.

It’s also known as being an art mecca. Checking out the art galleries is a must, but when you need to get away from the bustle, just head to the nearby scenic rice paddy fields and just chill.