Color of Spring

Pantone Watercolor Painting

I know summer is around the corner. But before spring comes to an end, I'd like to celebrate the last days of this season with pantone watercolor painting while doing color testing for my upcoming project. Colors that reflect warmth and coolness. Colors that bring calm, serenity and relaxation.

Tranquil blue

Warm rose tone

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  • mikyalkele

    Pengen tanya dongg. Kalo abis ngelukis atau bikin something kaya di atas hasilnya di kemanain?

  • Dita

    @mikyalkele didigitize yg pasti buat keperluan macem2 nantinya. Bisa buat diprint di kain, dll.

  • indahnuria

    Warnanya soft bangeet yaaa @Dita .. Cakeeep 😘😘

  • mikyalkele

    Ooh yaa?? Can you show me how to do that?? So excited :O

  • Dita

    @mikyalkele tinggal di scan aja. File digitalnya disimpen.

  • Dita

    @indahnuria thank you. iya cucok buat kain nih. Adem.

  • thesarahdoughty

    Oooh, looks like a lovely collection of coasters or something! They're beautiful.

  • annisadeui

    stop motionnya inspirasional banget mbak :))

  • thomasarvid


  • Rudidudi

    Truly spring colors!