Use Steller Like a Pro

How to keep your Steller's timeline clean

Welcome to Steller! From now on we can share our story easily using this mobile storytelling app. I believe that you're here to share your story, and read some stories of the people you’ve been followed. Here I go to share a story. Hope my story can make you use Steller like a pro.


From your timeline, you can choose which story to read, and which story to add on your favorite. It would shown based on the people you’ve followed. But, what If your timeline fulled of story from the people who's never followed by you? 😥😤😡

Like this one. I don't know who's @elisapella. But her story suddenly appear on my timeline.

It's happened because you choose to follow featured story from Steller. And, it'd show you some stories that featured by @steller. So, what to do to keep your timeline free from featured stories? Check the video on the next page.. 📹

Easy, doesn't it? You just need to choose featured sector (Stelelrverse, Food, Style, etc) and uncheck the checklist button. See you in the next story! #steller #stellerid #stellerindonesia #stelertips #tips #tutorial

  • bismif

    How can you recorded it on the video? Does you use an app?

  • epilog

    @bismif yups, I use an app called A-Z Screen Recorder on Android..

  • bismif

    Cool. Thank you