My Morning story

Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Morning, time for interaction among people showering in its sunshine. All hopes and prayers, hectic traffics, spirit and simplicity are blended in the morning.

I always love mornings, and this morning I went to Klaten. Jimbung market to be exact. And right here, exactly everything is blended.

In the middle of hectic morning, one spot caught my eyes; jogja traditional coffee and tea shop run by a charismatic woman named Mbah Sumarni.

Mbah Marni is one keen woman. With no assistant, she eagerly takes orders for tea and coffee for people in the market, from regular faces of sellers in the market to customers for visitors of the market.

Mbah Marni

75 years of age. 3 children. 4 grand children. 1 grand grand children. Not even 1 reason to stop serving tea and coffee.

"My husband passed away two years ago. Years ago too, I and my husband will serve food, but now alone I only sell tea and coffee". She summed up her life add petting hot boiling water to the pot.

She serves tea and coffee from 3.30 to 10am every single day.

Starring morning with a hundred thousand and closing it with twenty five to thirty thousand profit, She's happy. "Not bad, I can give my grandchildren some for snacks."

Then I asked why she still serve tea inn the market instead of staying home playing with her grand children. She replied smiling "Son, I am not rich, I still need money to live, I feel sorry for my children. I just want to lift the burden off of them. My grandchildren's daily money is from me."

As she was serving four glasses of tea, she left me saying "lagipula, sopo saiki sing gawe' no teh kanggo wong -wong sing nak' pasar iki?"

She walked past me serving those tea to others. From her back I can see sacrifice, struggle in simplicity, and loyalty. Jogja, May 6, 2016

All Photos and text by @petrichor218

Unggul Santosa

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