In black & white

What is really defining our perception of space? From a certain point of view one could argue that light and darkness are the stronger elements of our world. They don't only represent the eternal fight between good and evil; they also affect our perception of reality. We are surrounded by shapes, geometric or not. Black and white photography is offering us the opportunity to reflect on how mankind is occupying the available space.

It's not always about the shadows, nor about the pure light. Very often it's the "negative space" that has a story to tell. People appearing as silhouettes in front of white walls; people disappearing inside a shape; or simply white surfaces offering a glimpse of a fleeting moment.

The man and the interaction with the landscape. The space around us. The city as a pre-painted canvas were humans are searching for their identity. The sky as the last border.

The End

Locations: Photos no. 1,2,3,4,5,8: Berlin, Germany Photo no. 6: Frankfurt, Germany Photo no. 7: Hamburg, Germany Photo no. 9: Sounion, Greece Cover: Fashion Week Berlin Back Cover: Spetses, Greece Β©All rights reserved, George Pavlopoulos

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Narrated by George Pavlopoulos

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