Bangket Keju

Traditional Cookies

Bangket is a name of cookie that quite popular in Indonesia. Some places have their own traditional recipe. Bangket Keju is one of the variant of 'Bangket Jahe' (Ginger Bangket) Cookies that is more popular in North Sulawesi province.

It does not use flour, but only tapioca flour; which is the key to the melting moment.

No need to chew this cookie, they will melt in your tongue. Don't hold it too strong, it will crack to small pieces on your finger.

Recipe Ingredients : 400 gr tapioca flour 3 pandan leaves, knotted 125 ml thick coconut milk from 1/2 grated coconut 1/2 tsp salt 200 gr powder sugar 2 egg yolks 1 white egg 1/2 tsp baking soda 50 gr cheddar cheese, grated

1. Toast flour and pandan leaves on a dry pan, over low heat until dry, remove and set aside. 2. Boil the coconut milk and salt over low heat, while stirring gently until gets boil. Lift. Set aside. 3. Beat the sugar and all the eggs using high-speed mixer until fluffy. Reduce the mixer speed and add the coconut milk slowly. Add toasted flour and baking soda, beat again until mixed well. 4. Take 1 tablespoon of dough, round with a diameter of 1 cm. Place on a baking sheet flat which is covered with baking paper and spread with margarine evenly. Sprinkle cheese on its surface. 5. Bake in hot oven temperature of 130C for 20 minutes until cooked, remove from heat. Chill. Store in a tightly closed jar.

Not too hard to prepare, but we need extra patience to make the balls one by one. At the end, the combination aroma of pandan leaves and coconut (from the coconut milk) blowed from the oven. It was really good smell and I could recognize this smell as the aroma of our traditional cookie. It was ... an Indonesian cookie aroma!

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  • diangambil

    Kak, saya mau tanya, santan yang direbus kemudian diapakan, saya tidak paham dengan urutan resepnya. Mohon pencerahan. Terima kasih

  • vsamperuru

    @diangambil hi Mbak, maaf td ada kalimat yg tertinggal, udah aku revisi ya. Santan ditambahkan dlm adonan setelah pengocokan telur. Maaf ngebingungin :)

  • diangambil

    Aha, terima kasih 😀😀

  • desianwar

    Bisa pesan dimana ya?

  • vsamperuru

    Mbak @desianwar ini homemade Mbak. So far, blm nemu yg jualan ginian.


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