The magic & mystery of the darkness

In the darkness, where some beautiful things are hidden in silence


At first i didn't care about things that hidden when the sky's covered by the darkness.

Until i found out how to see it.

And i never look back. I'm in love with the darkness ;)


"Call it magic Call it true..."

The cloud, fog and people around the darkness create some beautiful scenes, so dramatic, you can feel the magic.

And the thousand glares of city lights.

"Night is purer than day, it's better for thinking, loving and dreaming."


"The most beautiful things we can experience is the mysterious." - A. Einstein -

"The darkest night produce the brightest stars"

Fact is, when you're in the city with thousand lights installed in its building, you can't see the stars properly. But when you go to higher ground, no light pollution you can see the stars or even the mystery behind it, the beautiful one called 'milky way'. You only see the mysterious 'milky way', when you're in the 'dark' zone.

My first shot of milky way, back there when i was in Mount Rinjani, Lombok. It was a beautiful night.

Thanks for stepping by ;)

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